City of TempleCity of Temple

The City of Temple is governed by elected representatives – the Mayor and four City Council members. The elected officials formulate public policy to address community needs and assure orderly development as well as appoint the City Manager, City Attorney, Director of Finance, City Secretary, Municipal Court Judge and various citizen boards and commissions.

  • Danny Dunn, Mayor
  • Mayor Pro Tem-Tim Davis, Councilmember – Precinct 1
  • Judy Morales, Councilmember – Precinct 2
  • Susan Long, Councilmember – Precinct 3
  • Mike Pilkington, Councilmember – Precinct 4

Bell CountyBell County

Bell County is governed by a county judge and four county commissioners, elected by the qualified voters of individual commissioners’ precincts. The Commissioners Court serves as both the legislative and executive branches of county government and has budgetary authority over all county departments, including those headed by other elected officials.

  • Jon H. Burrows, County Judge
  • Russell Schneider, Commissioner – Precinct 1
  • Tim Brown, Commissioner – Precinct 2
  • Bill Schumann, Commissioner – Precinct 3
  • Jon Fisher, Commissioner – Precinct 4