15 Jul 2011

It was a roomful of master gardeners and naturalists, area farmers and ranchers, builders business and agency leaders and a few simply interested residents who want to ensure that when their grandkids get thirsty there’ll be clean water to drink. Sponsored by the Temple Economic Development Corp. and hosted by Texas AgriLife Extension, the Texas […]

07 Jul 2011

A $2 million expansion at Lock Joint Tube could bring as many as 25 new jobs to the Temple facility over the next two years. Construction should be completed in two weeks on a new 78,000-square-foot storage facility at the Eberhardt Road plant, said Trent Childress, vice president and general manager of Lock Joint Tube […]

24 Jun 2011

Pactiv Corporation announced a major expansion project at its Temple plant expected to draw close to 100 new jobs to the city and the surrounding Bell County region. In Temple, the company employs 700 full-time workers. Pactiv plans to upgrade its local facility by investing $8.3 million in capital, which will result in an addition […]

23 Jun 2011

Multiple developers have recently toured the Hawn Hotel in downtown Temple, and some of those developers are exploring options to move forward with revamping the 82-year-old building to its former eminence, Temple city officials said. Last fall, Temple assistant city manager Kim Foutz said the city hoped to transfer the former hotel to a private […]

22 Jun 2011

Much has changed in Temple’s aesthetic over the last 30 years, but perhaps equally altered are the little things we all use daily but don’t often give second thought. Those things include capital improvements, such as better roads, culverts to direct rainfall and new and larger water lines to serve more residents. More than $63 […]

26 May 2011

Temple’s economy weathered recent economic storms thanks to its military and medical sectors, but the United States isn’t likely to see strong growth until the health care picture clears, Waco economist Dr. Ray Perryman said Wednesday in Temple. “The truth of the matter is we are growing, but we are growing slowly and not fast […]

18 Apr 2011

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics – pdf Employment rose in 21 of the 24 largest counties in Texas from September 2009 to September 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported today. (Large counties are defined as those with employment of 75,000 or more as measured by 2009 annual average employment.) Regional Commissioner […]