22 Jun 2011

Much has changed in Temple’s aesthetic over the last 30 years, but perhaps equally altered are the little things we all use daily but don’t often give second thought. Those things include capital improvements, such as better roads, culverts to direct rainfall and new and larger water lines to serve more residents. More than $63 […]

26 May 2011

Temple’s economy weathered recent economic storms thanks to its military and medical sectors, but the United States isn’t likely to see strong growth until the health care picture clears, Waco economist Dr. Ray Perryman said Wednesday in Temple. “The truth of the matter is we are growing, but we are growing slowly and not fast […]

18 Apr 2011

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics – pdf Employment rose in 21 of the 24 largest counties in Texas from September 2009 to September 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported today. (Large counties are defined as those with employment of 75,000 or more as measured by 2009 annual average employment.) Regional Commissioner […]

15 Mar 2011

America’s railroads serve almost every industry sector of our economy advanced manufacturing, retail, and heavy industrial just to name a few. With fuel cost soaring it has become an economical link in our supply chain. According to the Association of American Railroads our nation’s railroads move one ton of freight 436 miles per gallon of […]

18 Oct 2010

Milken Institute released their 2010 Best-Performing Cities list. Temple, Texas and the surrounding area are ranked 1st in the Best-Performing Cities listing of the top 200 Largest Metro areas. source: Milken Institute, 2010 Best Performing Cities, 200 Largest Metros About Temple: Temple, Texas is a community with a diverse economic base that includes healthcare, distribution […]

02 Sep 2010

Setting the stage for a first-of-its-kind enterprise zone in Temple, the City Council held a special meeting today to vote on the nomination for Wilsonart International, Inc. to participate in Texas Enterprise Zone Program. State approval is still required, however Wilsonart also announced plans to invest heavily in its Temple operations and has committed to […]

Wilsonart is cutting 50 jobs in Temple less than a year after they cut 10% across the country. It’s news you’d think would rattle local small business owners like Wesley Teeters. His burger shack relies on a strong local economy. However he says there’s more good news than bad in the Temple economy right now. […]

01 Mar 2010

In a lift to the region’s burgeoning reputation as a bioscience magnet, it was announced today that Temple start-up Global BioDiagnostics Corp. (GBD) www.globalbiodiagnostics.com has struck a collaboration with the Geneva-based FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics) to develop a rapid, low-cost and simple test for the detection of active tuberculosis. Phase 1 of the […]