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Rail Park Site #18C

The Temple Economic Development Corporation understands that companies looking to build new facilities are searching for sites that are not only suitable for development but also want to avoid any obstacles in the development process. Temple’s Certified Sites Program has created development-ready industrial sites that have completed a review process by the Temple Economic Development Corporation, The City of Temple Reinvestment Zone and KPA, an independent, third-party engineering firm.


Property Type : Building
Purpose : For Sale
Status : Available
Zoning Type : Light Industrial
Acreage : 29.88
Address : Wilson Art Drive, Temple, Texas
City : Temple
State : Texas
Zip Code : 76502
Water Utilities : 12
Wastewater Utlilities : 8
Gas Utilities : Cost Estimate Avaliable
Electric Utilities : Overhead to West on Wendland Road and Southeast Corner

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